Holistic Medicine

Healthy balance

Holistic Medicine is a concept of health that considers the “whole” person in relation to their “whole” life. It is in contrast to the reductionist logic that leads to the idea that there is a pill that by modulating some biochemical reaction can heal the patient of their disease. While some of the pills of the modern era have indeed bordered on the miraculous they all come with side effects.

By seeing life in a fundamentally different way, holistic medicine is very much concerned with networks of relationships in the matrices that make up reality. Chinese Medicine is a an example of a holistic system.

A famous concept to holism is the idea of the microcosm containing the macrocosm and vice  versa. One way to think about this is in the context of biochemistry and genetics. Each Cell of our body contains the blueprint of the whole. (with the exception of the germ cells of course) Another consideration is the individual and society. In the individual, cancer is “unregulated growth and reproduction” of a cell-line, leading to an over-consumptive body that robs resources from the rest of the system.   One wonders, what the relation is between the individual and the greater economic system on the society level, viz, unregulated growth of capital, and the concentration of resources into the few at the expense of the many.

By taking a holistic view of things we realize our role in the greater connection to the group, society and the universe in general.

Another idea is presented relating string theory and qi gong. The idea that there are infinitesimally small vibrating strings that form the basic material of our universe. Qi gong posits we make our “energy” more coherent at sub-molecular level and this has implication on our overall energy flow.

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