Custom Tailored Physiotherapy

Therapist and client working with Therabands

We offer individualized rehabilitation and reconditioning programs, based on the patient’s current clinical status. The objective is to achieve the fastest and most effective results using modern rehabilitation techniques and procedures combined with the modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine-acupuncture, acupressure, cupping and herbal supplements.

The basic clinical exam is a standared physiotherapeutic kinesiological examination. Further tests include: MFK functional muscle test, which is a test of 82 muscles in the body, the results of which are recorded into the MFK computer software system, an intelligent software system that will output a graphical display of the whole body, highlighting problematic muscles and overloaded spinal segments.

Another specific test is a test of the deep stabilization system, (D.N.S. Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) according to method of Dr. Kolář.

The Holistic examination also includes checking the feet and arches. Foot trouble and failure of the arches has a major impact on the problems in other parts of the musculoskeletal system.

All of the information from the holistic examination is included in the comprehensive rehabilitation program.  The Rehabilitation program can be combined with physical fitness and a holistic medical approach as necessary. For example, if there are any problems detected with the arches, you have the possibility of correction with Formthotics customized orthotic insoles, or if your muscles are overworked and tight you may need massage or acupuncture, or if your adrenal glands are depleted because of your stressful lifestyle then herbal medicine may be needed.

It is important that the client take personal responsibility for their own health and become an active participant in the healing process, both physically and mentally. The program is intended for those who are willing to actively devote time and energy into their body and get into shape.

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