Foot Care

  • rehabilitative exercise for the health of your feet
  • sensorimotor exercises for stability and performance improvements
  • orthopedic insoles Formthotics individually adjusted to suit your needs

Formthotics system™

Formthotics medical

The human foot is unique in its structure and function, different from other animals, including the limbs of primates. Our feet give us a stable base for efficient upright movement on two legs releasing our hands for tool use helping enable us to work with and influence the environment in which we live. We can say that the end result of the process that gave birth to the human foot, started the evolution towards Homo Sapiens, the dominant animal species of planet Earth.

Human influence on the environment has been so successful that recently we have managed to change a great part of the natural land surface, the natural surface on which we moved for hundreds of thousands of years, we have covered it with an artificial layer of hard surface. In such a short speck of time compared with the evolutionary development of our foot we have begun to manifest a varied and widespread list of musculoskeletal complaints. Up to one third of civilized society has directly experienced foot and foot related pain in their life – including heels, achilles tendon, knees, lumbar or cervical spine. The foundation of their pain may be incorrect position and function of the foot while standing, walking or running.


Formthotics system

FORMTHOTICS SYSTEM™ helps solve these problems. How? With individually tailored orthopedic insoles. Formthotics insoles put the legs in a better position thereby improving foot function and ultimately this translates to a more uniform distribution of load for various musculoskeletal structures. Therefore less difficulty, less pain, easier movement, improved performance, etc..

Ortopedické stélky

FORMTHOTICS SYSTEM™ is composed of a set of six basic examinations of the musculoskeletal system, called THE SIX TESTS ™. These tests are administered in an accredited workplace. These test form the basis of the individually tailored Formthotics orthopedic insoles. The client is actively involved in the interpretation of the tests as well as any proposed changes and modifications to the insoles.


Computer Pedobariography – tensometry

Analysis of foot position under static and dynamic loading
using tensometric plates (MS SCAN). The method is suitable
especially for sore feet, and large weight-bearing joints.

Computer analysis reveals

  • status of the longitudinal and transverse arches
  • symmetry of load
  • overloading of individual parts of the soles


The test results are used for planning surgical procedures and for the formation of individual dynamic insoles for shoes.

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