Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Purity and vitality

Manual Lymphatic drainage is a type of therapeutic massage technique to stimulate lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes. It is an excellent modality to support the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms, bolster immunity, and it works to combine mental relaxation with physical relaxation.

Stimulation of lymphatic fluid helps to purify and increase the vitality of muscle tissue.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a special type of massage performed with the hands, which has an excellent effect on recovery from illness or trauma, detoxification, relaxation and it also has beneficial cosmetic effects.

Lymph fluid is the second most abundant fluid in the human body. If there is stagnation of lymph anywhere in the body: it brings profound states of fatigue, the person catches colds and flu’s often, they may suffer from swelling – swollen limbs, swelling in the face, especially around the eyes . People with stagnant lymphatic fluids feel generally weak, and have a tired look and feel very tired. Their immune system is weakened.

stimulation of lymphatic flow

Warning signs such as: pain in the lymph nodes, swollen lymph nodes, edema, and fatigue are symptoms of an increased load on one’s lymphatic system and deserves attention. Due to poorly functioning lymphatic system cellulite may appear as well as other signs of fluid retention, varicose veins, spider veins on the skin etc.

The lymphatic system becomes overloaded with stress, lack of exercise, poor (shallow) breathing, drinking and eating the wrong foods , smoking, wearing tight clothes, asymmetrical stress (e.g. prolonged standing, sitting, one sided sports), etc. The lymphatic system can also be disturbed after surgery, myocardial injury or infectious disease.

Manual lymph drainage is a very popular and desirable therapy for women and men of all ages -today more than ever due to the ever-expanding signs of weakening of the lymphatic system

Even after the first treatment the body begins to get rid of accumulated toxins and this is an especially important contribution to the harmonization of the entire organism.

Manual lymphatic drainage helps to get rid of accumulated toxins, not cellulite!

Lymphatic drainage is not a classic massage!

Haptic technology is completely different compared to classic massage as you may know. Lymphatic drainage is slow using gentle upward strokes.

It should not cause pain and is not supposed to increase blood flow. Manual Lymphatic drainage uses very gentle, infinitesimal pressure. The effect of the drainage depends on the number of repetitions. This technique is applied to dry skin without the use of oils and acts primarily on the surface layer of the body, where it activates lymphatic system of the body.

Manual lymphatic drainage – the advantages and effects

Gentle manual lymphatic drainage technique helps activate the body’s own defense system so that it can process it’s overload. Waste is drained from the tissues into the blood vessels and then into the lymphatic system. The lymphatic vessels bring this fluid to the lymph nodes, where they are disposed and metabolized. Manual lymphatic drainage is able to strengthen and detoxify the body and due to the positive effects on the body, we also see improvements in skin – smoothing wrinkles and reducing cellulite.

Indications for lymphatic drainage

  • TRAUMATIC CONDITIONS AND POSTOPERATIVE  CONDITIONS (promotes healing, relieves tension, improves skin)
  • ORTHOPEDICS (arthritis, post-surgery, plastic surgery, ligament repairs)
  • RHEUMATOLOGY (Bechterew disease, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.)
  • INTERNAL (chronic asthma, hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • GYNECOLOGY (post surgical swelling, post breast cancer treatment, infertility, menopausal problems.)
  • NEUROLOGY (conditions after a stroke, multiple sclerosis, migraine, disease, and others)
  • E.E.N.T. (chronic sinusitis, spasmodic rhinitis, tinnitus)
  • SKIN (acne, psoriasis, eczema, varicose ulcers, edema, lymphoedema, etc)

Lymphatic vessels


  • during bacterial or viral diseases
  • acute inflammatory skin disease and venous
  • with vague abdominal complaints
  • edema caused kidney and liver
  • during pregnancy and lactation

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