MFK (Manual Physiotherapeutic Correction)

MFK method is a revolutionary diagnostic and therapeutic method from Prague, Czech Republic, that combines the knowledge of the physiotherapist with modern technology in the form of an intelligent software system called the MFK Expert System that records all the findings of the exam and displays them graphically at different levels. The MFK system also provides an overall framework and context for therapy. In a way it’s like having an MRI or X-Ray for functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

“Every body has a story and we discover this story during therapy.”
-Dr. Martina Končalová, PhD. creator of the MFK® method

The initial MFK exam consists of taking a thorough medical history, followed by an extensive examination of the musculoskeletal system, followed by treatment and the session concludes with an evaluation of problematic muscles. Subsequent sessions consist of the same extensive muscle exam, treatment and evaluation. Everything is recorded in detail, evaluated and stored in the MFK expert computer system.
The MFK expert system is just that – an expert at the treatment table… an expert with a photographic memory that can recall all the details of your examination and display these details to both you and your physiotherapist. This allows you to see an accurate picture of your problem in the context of your overall situation. By testing 82 muscles in the body the MFK expert system can reveal the true cause of your pain, and because it saves all the data from every exam, you can easily track your progress and see how various lifestyle choices affect your healing process.

Every pain is a signal of the body-the body calling for attention, love and care. It is important to see pain as a way to becom
e more conscious of not only your physical, but also your mental health. It is quite common that pain is a reflection of problems elsewhere in the body.  For example, pain in the Left shoulder could be a signal that there is a problem with the left shoulder, but it could also be the result of dysfunction on the left hip, or perhaps the right hip, or right shoulder. And if the cause of the pain is unclear, then the resolution of the pain can be a matter of luck, trial and error, or simply frustration.

Furthermore, it is the stereotypical postures we assume – because of our work, because of our traumatic history, because of our emotional reality. Certain stereotypical physical postures are assumed by the body as part of an emotional reaction. Chronic emotional states lead the body to chronically assume these stereotypical postures. This is referred to as a psychosomatic phenomenon.  If we can identify with language certain subconscious patterns, we can then adjust them and thereby work at a deeper rooted source.

Using the information and illustrative capabilities the MFK expert system helps guide the therapist in their treatment. For instance, if it were the case that a patient had problems with 90% of their muscles, the treatment ideally should work at a level where the healing can be most effectively applied and most optimally received. And by working with the current findings and applying proper methods at the proper time, we address not only the painful area, but also treat the entire musculoskeletal system with the goal of bringing all aspects of a person into harmony with respect to their entire body.

The amount or frequency of therapy cannot be predicted in advance. Every person is different, everyone brings their own story and each responds differently to therapy. There is always a great help by using a therapy that is individually tailored to your needs. The therapy your body will start and it will continue individually and in his power balances and harmonizes. This method, due to the fact that it targets those parts of the body that most call for help while respecting the context of the entire musculoskeletal system, becomes much faster and more accurate treatment effect is prolonged.

MFK method is very successful both in acute conditions where will provide quick relief from pain (eg, muscle pain, joint pain, back pain, post-traumatic and postoperative conditions), and especially for chronic conditions to help them achieve the plnohodnotnějšímu life (long-term musculoskeletal pain apparatus, fatigue, migraines, and more).

After treatment, you can compare the effect of therapy in the control examination, you find that the function of some muscles significantly improved.

With this method, you are no longer a passive participant in the process of healing, but by understanding your own body you are able to change the circumstances that can cause physical and mental problems.

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