The Flowin® training board is becoming more and more popular among those who want to work with the deep stabilization system. The exercises themselves are performed with use of friction pads on the Flowin® training board.

The Flowin® system is comprised of a large training board and a set of small plates and pads for the hands, feet, knees and elbows. The Flowin® system uses a client’s own bodyweight to provide the necessary resistance and the client is therefore able to freely regulate the pressure on the pads. This prevents any unnecessary strain on the joints and facilitates comprehensive strengthening of whole-body muscle mass.

This Swedish training system was developed in cooperation with elite decathletes and due to its great versatility, it can fully replace all other fitness activities. Being such a flexible and versatile tool, Flowin® has found application in the field of fitness, rehabilitation and training of professional athletes.

Each exercise activates several muscle groups at once, so a whole body workout takes only 20 minutes.

Flowin® is particularly effective in:

  • reducing weight,
  • total body sculpting,
  • performance enhancement and
  • supporting proper posture.

Thanks to the strengthening of the deep stabilization system you learn to feel your muscles – muscles which for the novice are almost impossible to feel.

Flowin® eliminates back pain and as your stomach becomes more flexible and flat, with time you will go faster and faster.

Strengthening the Deep Stabilization muscles

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