Physiotherapy Program for Athletes


With our Program for athletes, you can:

  1. find out the level of your existing “natural reserves” and
  2.  increase them.

In the examination we use the latest in physiotherapy equipment and methods, such as the MFK method and the DNS method according to Kolar, foot exam and functional tests. Additional diagnosis according to Traditional Chinese Medicine to detect energy blocks and inmbalances.

With this holistic approach we will learn which muscles are tight or weak and require care and which are in excellent condition. We will discover how large the total overload on your body is and exactly where and what level the imbalances are. Using advanced 21st century software to show you everything.

Once we have your individual picture, we can tailor-make your individual therapy and training plan, including the optimal therapies at the optimal times.

Aerobic training on the eliptical machine

Our combined strength is:

  • streamline the activities of your musculoskeletal system
  • increase sports performance
  • Increase awareness and perception of the parts of your body and discover the ideal positions for movement.
  • achieve harmonious and balanced movement with minimal power consumption and least effort.

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