SM System (Stabilization & Mobilization of the Spine)

This Spinal Stabilization & Mobilization System focuses on the treatment and regeneration of the spine based on the knowledge of muscle chaining. Chains that begin at the shoulders and neck, spiral & meander around the torso moving to the lower limbs, feet and toes.

If this muscle chaining in the body is working correctly, it will provide a balanced & upright posture, will bear the body’s load symmetrically and will have the correct size of intervertebral spaces. In this ideal environment back pain, irritation of nerves arising from the spinal column or worse, slipped disc. Exercise SM system strengthens and balances the overall attitude (posture) of the body, relieves meziobratlovým plate and radically reduces discomfort. With regular exercise, the harmonization of muscle tension which leads to significant pain relief during either already incurred viewport intervertebral disc or other spinal pain and musculoskeletal system.

Exercise SM system allows the body to return to the natural functioning of the muscular apparatus of the entire musculoskeletal system. The effect of exercise is reflected not only by disappearing back pain, but also the joints. If the muscles are tightened around the joints, in the large voltage, pull the joints from the correct position. In this the wrong position then more wear of articular cartilage and gradually other painful changes.

Many people unfortunately think that will be enough exercise just for the pain to disappear, and then they can go back to the same (mostly sedentary) lifestyle. But our body is designed to move. Long sessions (static load) it always has a negative effect.

Other extreme, heavy duty, mostly one-sided sport (tennis, golf and other …) or monotonous work (all day standing or sitting). This overload is needed to compensate for regular exercise. SM system assembly consists of 12 basic exercises that can be developed further and focus on your problem areas. Exercise is simple, suitable for all ages from school age. The exercise you need flexible rope with good and firm attachment (preferably wall bars), bit of space and you can get to taste the exercise.

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